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BGF (Business Growth Fund) is the UK and Ireland's most active investor in growing businesses


Build influence, authority and awareness for BGF and their portfolio of growth capital investments. Champion the ‘Best of British’ businesses that BDF currently support and attract new ones to enquire.


Create an inbound framework that separates portfolio enquiries from portfolio management focusing on the companies, the advisors that refer and service these portfolios and new talent looking to join the boards of BGF investments


We produced multiple films including event highlights, branded content and video content to support their communications across a variety of events, activities and key milestones



Consulted on their inbound digital framework, content distribution and UX design to maximise the conversion of their contacts and build new audiences to bring them closer to

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Measured Impact

Created separate talent, adviser + portfolio enquiries 

Generated 2500+ new network contacts

One contact enquiry resulting in a new investment


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