Growing organic traffic
with YouTube + Google


Invest Europe

Invest Europe, formerly known as EVCA, represents the private equity community across Europe


Create a video marketing campaign to explain how private equity works in a simple and easy to understand way using animation


Used YouTube as a search engine tool to build awareness and drive traffic through Google and then launch the campaign simultaneously through the members


Created a film called "How Private Equity Works" using the analogy of a box going through a factory on an assembly line, to explain the various ways private equity can impact a business at any stage of its life



The content was optimised for search on both Google and YouTube, placed prominently on the company website and distributed through the membership network for launch

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Measured Impact

100,000+ views of the video on YouTube

Was No.2 in Google world wide for "Private Equity"

Boosted organic traffic by 4000+ visits a month


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