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Williams Hybrid Power

Williams Hybrid Power (WHP) developed an environmentally friendly solution for mobile 
or stationary energy recovery and storage


Showcase WHP's environmentally friendly energy solutions, demonstrating how they can store energy when vehicles slow down and use energy when they accelerate


Guiding conversation around key terms to give WHP prominence by optimising content for search, allowing WHP to be presented as the first movers in the space.   


We created a 3D animation that explains the technology and how it works. We then presented a range of types of vehicles that can benefit from the use of these applications 



Created a microsite for WHP to showcase their technology for vehicles and stationary applications. Optimised the site and videos for search on Google and through YouTube

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Measured Impact

No.1 in Google for the term "Hybrid Flywheel" until sold

No.1 in YouTube for the term "Hybrid Flywheel"

21,000+ views on YouTube and growing organically


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