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Stakeholder is designed to build engaged investor audiences, giving you the tools to capture more data and deliver your investment proposition to your next shareholder. Use social media to find retail, intermediary and institutional investors and drive them towards your business. Mitigate the impact of MiFID II and increase liquidity while being GDPR compliant with your investor contacts.

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MiFID II is lowering research coverage for many companies and making stocks more volatile. Listed companies need to release more news and information to keep the market informed of developments. Deliver your news directly to the investment community to improve awareness and transparency.

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Investor Marketing

Use social media to deliver your news to the investment community and specific organisations. By reaching the right investors, companies and stakeholders directly you can increase the value and liquidity of your share price.


In order to be GDPR compliant, all contacts on your database should specifically opt-in to receive your communications by email and agree to your privacy policy. Each database member has a right to see, change and delete those permissions and settings at any time.

Sign ups

The ability to sign up and receive investment alerts should be on every website page, social channel and email, otherwise you are not in line with standard audience-building practices for most industries.